Our Process

Initial Contact
When initial contact is made the first step is that a mutually binding confidentiality agreement is put in place to provide the sponsor with complete Intellectual Property protection. From this point the client will outline the product(s) to be tested, and what they see their target market is, poultry and or pigs. Our Study Directors alongside the Principle Investigator will use their extensive experience to design an experiment that maximises the potential of the test product(s) and achieve a successful outcome for the sponsor.
Study Design and Protocol Timeline
Our Study Directors will draft a protocol based on the information supplied by the client at initial contact. This will clarify whether it is a registration, marketing or product development study. From here the protocol will be expanded to include the start date, number of treatments and replicates, the study duration and other agreed parameters.
Contract & Pricing
Once the study protocol is agreed by both parties, a legally binding contract is drawn up which clearly outlines the cost of the study and payment terms. We are able to offer a clear pricing structure with bespoke competitive packages.
Live Phase Implementation
Prior to the study commencing the trial feed will be manufactured in our own specialist feed mill and samples are sent for analysis to guarantee precise additive control.
On the agreed start date, the animals will arrive on site and are placed in floor pens. Each pen is for a specific treatment group and these groups a randomised throughout the house.
The study will run to exactly the duration agreed in the protocol and timelines for weighing animals and feed and any other measurements required are strictly adhered to.
Final Report
We guarantee that within 10 working days the client will receive the zootechnical data from the study in electronic form. A further 10 working days from receiving the zootechnical data the sponsor will receive the first draft report to review.
The final report which is based on the study protocol will include the experiment outline, crucial dates, zootechnical data, statistical analysis and a discussion section (if required)
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Pen & Tec Consulting
"Pen & Tec Consulting has worked with Douglas and the Roslin team on various projects during the last fifteen years. Roslin brings vast knowledge and expertise to animal health & nutrition projects, especially with poultry and pigs. As well as running studies that meet demanding EFSA and GCP standards, Roslin's experience and excellence in diverse areas such as feed mill technology and hatchery management often contributes added value to feed additive development projects, thus helping to ensure successful study outcomes. We will continue to work with Roslin Nutrition in future, and look forward to tapping into Roslin's special expertise, whenever required."