Poultry Facilities

We have Five units available for running poultry studies and they are:

House 1: 64 Floor pens, each housing 35 broilers to 42 days. This shed can can accomodate a pen layout reconfiguration to allow 128 pens housing 10 birds per pen to 42 days if required.

House 2: 64 floor pens with high sides suitable for 35 broilers to 42 days or pullet rearing from day old to 16 weeks.

House 3: 80 floor pens, each housing 25 broilers to 42 days.

House 4(a): Four rows of 96 cages; Total of 384 laying cages each housing a maximum of 4 birds from 16 to 72 weeks of age.

House 4(b): 64 raised plastic slatted floor pens suitable for digestibility studies on 10 broilers from 0 - 42 days.

Please contact us via the link below for more information on poultry studies

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"We have worked with Roslin Nutrition on a number of projects over the past years and found them to be a flexible, experienced and commercially relevant site. Work we have commissioned with Roslin Nutrition has been used to help register our products, investigate novel products as well as generate data on current products for support in the marketplace. We look forward to continuing work with them into the future"