Piglet Facilities

We currently operate two piglet cabins (1 & 2), each cabin is capable of housing 128 animals in 32 individual pens. We source our piglets from a high health status farm which is located 10 miles from our site, this helps reduce stress levels during transportation to our farm. The pig farm is populated with 350 Danbred sows and they are served by Large White Boars which produces an excellent commercial cross breed piglet. The animals are weaned at 28days old (approximately 8kg) and are on study for 42days and finish at approximately 30/35kg at 70days.

Typical parameters requested during a piglet study are; Feed Intake, Weight gain, Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), Blood Haematology and Biochemistry, Faecal Scoring, and collection.

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"Pen & Tec Consulting has worked with Douglas and the Roslin team on various projects during the last fifteen years. Roslin brings vast knowledge and expertise to animal health & nutrition projects, especially with poultry and pigs. As well as running studies that meet demanding EFSA and GCP standards, Roslin's experience and excellence in diverse areas such as feed mill technology and hatchery management often contributes added value to feed additive development projects, thus helping to ensure successful study outcomes. We will continue to work with Roslin Nutrition in future, and look forward to tapping into Roslin's special expertise, whenever required."