Feed Evaluation Capabilities

Feed Evaluation Capabilities

The following represents a summary of the present principal features and capabilities of Roslin Nutrition:

Using our 5-stage process we will work together from initial contact, to the creation of a detailed protocol, through feed manufacture to live phase planning and implementation which culminates with a final comprehensive and detailed report.

Performance Response Trials Carried Out With all Classes of Poultry and Piglets;

Within our animal technician team, we have members of staff who have experience working with pigs and poultry, this ensures that the animals we have on study are monitored constantly by experts in their field.

We currently operate seven units capable of hosting broilers, layers and turkeys. Each unit can be customised to fit any client requirement that aligns with European and UK regulations. In addition to this we have two cabins capable of running piglet studies with each cabin having 32 pens and each pen housing 4 piglets.

Total Control of Diet Composition and Manufacture;

We operate our own specialist feed mill on site that has the capability of manufacturing bespoke trial feeds in either mash or pellet form. We analyse individual components prior to feed manufacture and every batch of finished feed is sent to an independent laboratory to be pre-analysed to guarantee precise additive control and allowing full traceability before the live phase begins.

Derivation of Response Parameters of Interest are;

Broiler, Turkey and Piglet; (Food intake, weight gain, food conversion ratio and mortality)

Laying Hens; (daily egg numbers, daily egg weight and daily dirty, cracked and soft- shelled eggs).

Other services available; (Target Animal Safety, Efficacy, Digestibility, Registration, Balance, Dose Response, NE Model (Nutritional Stress and Environmental Stress), Carcass Analysis, Blood sampling for Haematology and Biochemistry, other tests available on request).

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Pen & Tec Consulting
"Pen & Tec Consulting has worked with Douglas and the Roslin team on various projects during the last fifteen years. Roslin brings vast knowledge and expertise to animal health & nutrition projects, especially with poultry and pigs. As well as running studies that meet demanding EFSA and GCP standards, Roslin's experience and excellence in diverse areas such as feed mill technology and hatchery management often contributes added value to feed additive development projects, thus helping to ensure successful study outcomes. We will continue to work with Roslin Nutrition in future, and look forward to tapping into Roslin's special expertise, whenever required."