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Roslin Nutrition are a privately owned and completely independent contract research organisation undertaking nutritional evaluation studies in monogastric animals and animal feed testing.

We can manage all of your nutritional trial needs.
Full in house control - from feed manufacturing to final reporting.

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This is not  the real text but it is a paragraph that talks about the close relationship we have with our clients and how we value the feedback so we can continue to improve what we do and how we do it.

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We Help Make Your Concepts A Reality
Pen & Tec Consulting
"Pen & Tec Consulting has worked with Douglas and the Roslin team on various projects during the last fifteen years. Roslin brings vast knowledge and expertise to animal health & nutrition projects, especially with poultry and pigs. As well as running studies that meet demanding EFSA and GCP standards, Roslin's experience and excellence in diverse areas such as feed mill technology and hatchery management often contributes added value to feed additive development projects, thus helping to ensure successful study outcomes. We will continue to work with Roslin Nutrition in future, and look forward to tapping into Roslin's special expertise, whenever required."

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Doug Currie
Managing Director
Lauren Park
Principle Investigator
Louise Urquhart-McKendry
Office Manager
Allison Craig
Scientific Investigator
Roslin Nutrition Limited
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