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Roslin Nutrition are a privately owned and completely independent research company, specialising mainly in poultry nutrition.
We offer:

  • Trial Diet Manufacture
    Our state of the art mill allows us to produce specialised feed mixes for trial diets, small commercial mixes and specialist organic feed mixes.
  • Nutritional Evaluation
    We offer a full service from consultancy and advice, to trial feed manufacture and carrying out the trial itself in our modern, controlled environments.
  • Nutritional Consultancy
    Our highly qualified and experienced team offer consultancy on all aspects of poultry nutrition, from feed manufacture to trial evaluation, product design and technical aspects.
  • Sampling Studies
    Full access to the feedmill at all stages involved in diet manufacture allows clients to evaluate the effects of the processes on the stability of feed additives at all stages of diet preparation and production.

Commercial confidentiality underlies all our activities, and our experienced team and flexible approach are appreciated by our blue chip clients as well as smaller companies.

Organic Poultry Feed
Organic Poultry Feed
Organic Chicken Feeds


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  • Scotland's only registered organic feed mill
  • manufacturers of quality organic feed for poultry
  • producers of quality conventional feed for layers, ducks, quail, turkeys and broilers
  • suppliers of high spec trial feeds
  • raw material and finished feed analysis
  • feed supplied in mash, crumb or pellet form and in any quantity
  • Roslin Nutrition Ltd is registered with the OF&G, BEIC and AIC.
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