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Feed Trials and Evaluation

Poultry Feed Formulation

  • Within the pig and poultry industries feed represents as much as 75% of the outlay.
  • Commercial diets must be formulated with maximum precision and cost-effectiveness to give the desired performance.
  • Diet specifications are constantly changing for evolving genotypes and different physical environments.
  • Feed quality must be traceable and recorded.
  • Feed trials are required for Registration with official bodies (e.g. the EU).

Before incorporating different ingredients into commercial diets, Roslin can assess their effectiveness in small to medium scale trials (40-5,000 birds) by:

  • Evaluating animal responses (weight gain, food intake and food conversion ratio) to diets of novel composition, with novel ingredients or in the presence of additives (e.g. pharmaceuticals or enzymes).
  • Deriving changes to nutrient digestibility/availability as a result of their dietary inclusion.
  • Appraising changes in carcass composition and conformation and in skeletal integrity.
  • Observing whether the welfare of the animals has been compromised.
  • Measuring tolerance to different rates of inclusion.

Roslin will undertake the full service, from initial discussions and advice about the format and composition of the trial, to manufacturing the feed, executing the trial and presenting an analysis and report of the results.

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Key benefits:

  • On-site manufacture of trial feeds
  • Interpretation of results
  • Customised trials
  • Innovative solutions
  • Excellent stockmanship

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